Head of Department: Miss L Welch


Students in Year 9 have a wide range of opportunities to develop their creative skills and ideas. Subject teachers build on the work carried out in Year 8 and show students how to understand the visual elements and use a variety of techniques to create images. This foundation then leads to more individual and interpretative work later in the year. All students are provided with a sketch book that is used for both class and homework. Students will work in many materials and sizes, and will experience printmaking, pottery, painting and mixed media.

Afterschool clubs are offered to students to try more complex art work. These are often taught by our high achieving Sixth Form students who use their passion, experience and creative interests to inspire the lower years. These clubs very popular and the work produced is showcased in our exhibition area.

Trips and Gallery visits are planned into the curriculum to suit the examination themes. The students learn how to work in the galleries and how to apply this in working directly from observation. This good practice is essential to achieving well at GCSE where the examination board encourages seeing art work first hand. Residential trips in Paris, Cornwall and Barcelona have previously been offered, along with day experiences to London, Southwold and Cambridge. These trips are very popular and students work on additional skills outside of the arts such as team building, independence and growing confidence.

The Art department held the Arts Marks Gold award between 2010-2015 and our work with the Big Draw drawing campaign was awarded a special mention in 2012. External moderators have commented that ‘The art work on display at Stratton shows fantastic variety and creativity.’ The students show personal responses to the themes and this is evident in commitment to their studios and the quality in the preparatory work.

Regardless of prior art experience, we endeavour to give students the understanding and skills to develop their skills and ideas in a creative environment. Sometimes they may feel daunted by the quality of work on display, but this work is produced by students who experienced the same reactions and teaching when they were in Year 9. Our expectations are high because we know how well your son or daughter can do with our guidance.

Year 12 & 13 (KS5)

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