Head of Department: Miss L Welch


As soon as you start the GCSE Art and Design specialising in Photography, you begin to acquire skills and techniques that you will develop and improve throughout the course. You will be producing three course work units based on starting points that you may develop in a number of ways using traditional techniques and digital development.

You will look at the work of various photographers and cultures, observing and analysing a range of photographic images ,and you will use lots of different materials and techniques. Your photographs will provide you with a basis for further development and you can try out variety of printing methods. You will also creatively develop images through manipulation using digital packages or traditional art methods e.g. paint, mix media.

Your coursework units take the same format as the examination unit: you will have about six weeks to research and develop ideas and artists’ methods and images so that you can plan and prepare your own finish piece.

Photography J163

Including: Traditional darkroom printing, Digital & Film camera work & understanding, Printmaking, Mixed media Critical studies, Computer manipulation.

Coursework Units = 60 %

Examination Unit = 40%

Trips & visits

Year 10:

Year 11
Residential—Barcelona / Paris or Cornwall (by invitation only– dependent on behaviour and involvement in London + extra Curricular )