Head of Department: Mrs L Walton

Years 10 & 11:

Level and Exam Board:


Aims of the Course

  • To engage with contemporary ethical issues
  • To understand the impact of people beliefs on their behaviour
  • To have gain a depth of knowledge about two religions to enable critical discourse about religion in the 21st Century

Course Outline:

  • Beliefs and practices within Christianity
  • Beliefs and practices within Buddhism
  • Relationships and families
  • Origins of life and understanding death
  • The Existence of God and Revelation
  • Religion and morality

Assessment Summary:

  • 100% exam
  • Two exams each lasting 1hr 45min

Trips/ Visits:

  • Year 10 – Proposed trip to different Buddhist temples.
  • Year 11 – Darwin debates at Natural History Museum and a Ghost walk (£30)
  • Years 10 and 11 – Krakow and Auschwitz (£600)

Career Relevance:

GCSE Ethics and Philosophy will give you a much deeper understanding of the world around you and of what it means to be human. Any job that involves working with people will need you to take into account the way other people think. This GCSE focuses on the very important skill of constructing and writing arguments in a clear and precise way.

Student Sucesses:

GCSE Ethics and Philosophy have achieved outstanding results in the last 3 years. Last year 65% of students made excellent or outstanding progress and all remaining full time students achieved expected progress.

Sixth Form:

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