Head of Department: Mr S Procter

Years 10 & 11

Level and Exam Board:


Aims of the Course

  • Provide students with an understanding of the society in which we live
  • Question misconceptions

Course Outline:

Sociology aims to deepen a student’s awareness of the world in which he/she lives and their place within it. It gives an understanding of the social institutions such as families, education and the mass media as well as social processes such as socialisation and discrimination that influence behaviour and operate within society.
The 6 topics we will study are studying society, families, education, crime and deviance, the mass media and social inequality.

Assessment Summary:

    • Unit 1 – 1 hour 30 minute written exam – 90 marks – 50% of the full course
    • Unit 2 – 1 hour 30 minute written exam – 90 marks – 50% of the full course

Equipment/ Suggested Resources:

      • GCSE Sociology Revision- ISBN-13: 9780007350599
      • Collins Sociology GCSE for AQA- ISBN-13: 9780007310708

Department Facilities:

      • Revision guides and textbooks, Workbook (covering content, exam skills and exam style questions), Sociological journals, Issues Online

Trips/ Visits:

      • Galleries of justice (£30)

Career Relevance:

Sociology will equip you with a wide range of transferable skills which will open many doors of opportunity to you such as;

    • Further/Higher Education – Degrees in Sociology, Psychology, Social Policy, Criminology, Law, Nursing, Media, Philosophy, Counselling, Social anthropology, Primary education, Politics,
    • Career – Education, Journalism, Advertising, Law, Teaching, Social Work, Health and Social Care, Probation and Youth work, Government advisory departments, Housing, Investigating justice and victim support

Sixth Form:

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