Headteacher's Blog - 6/9/2019

Welcome back to the new school year. Staff have been working hard over the summer and training days in preparation for the new term so we could welcome the students back to an organised and purposeful learning environment. It is worth noting that we have recruited some very strong new members of staff and we start the academic year with a full complement of specialist subject teachers.

The site team has been carrying out a number of maintenance jobs, deep cleaning and sprucing up the school over the holiday and the roof replacement at the back of school continues. We anticipate this work will be complete by the time we return from the October half term break.

Last academic year we introduced a new praise and reward system for students, which we are building further upon this term. We have also been revising our expectations of the whole school community and we have drawn together a ‘Stratton Standards’ document which you will find attached to this letter. The standards explain our agreed expectations around our attitudes to learning and how we behave within school and towards each other. They clarify our values and commitment to everyone in the community and specify the language we will use to praise achievements and deal with inappropriate behaviour; they are designed to focus on the positives.

These standards have been shared with staff and all students in their welcome assemblies and I also wanted to share them with all parents and carers as they apply to all of us in the school community; students, staff and parents as well as Trustees and Governors. Please familiarise yourself with these standards, talk about them with your child/children and have them in mind when discussing how things are going in school and when making contact with staff.

I firmly believe that students, who attend well, work hard and share our values and a sense of belonging to our school community, achieve really great outcomes both in terms of qualifications as well as skills and experiences. Together these support successful transitions to the next stage of education, training or employment and we certainly see strong evidence for this in the summer exam results and the destinations of students once they leave us.

We are excited for all the opportunities this academic year will bring and are looking forward to celebrating the achievements of our students.

Ms Roz Hodges
Interim Headteacher