Principal's Blog 1/11/2019

I am delighted and honoured to be appointed as the permanent Principal of Stratton Upper School. After 18 months as Interim Headteacher, I have a good understanding of what is required to realize our vision that every member of our community is known, valued and supported to achieve in all areas at the highest level to become successful and confident lifelong learners.

A happy and successful school depends on fostering strong partnerships with parents, having mutual respect for all members of our community and providing opportunities for everyone to flourish. To support this we have again raised our expectations and communicated these through our Stratton Standards. I would like to thank all parents for their support in reinforcing these expectations including the new mobile phone policy, which has had a very positive impact on the school environment.

Parents make an important contribution to children’s achievements at school, and I want to develop the relationship between the school and parents for everyone’s benefit.

I will be holding a number of events over the next term, which will provide an opportunity to meet you and discuss the building of a successful partnership. These meetings will take place at different times, which I hope will enable most families to attend. If you prefer, you are also welcome to contact me by email.

You may be aware of The Stratton Standard, a magazine run by students, for students. I was thrilled to hear that Year 11 students are now working alongside Year 13 students to produce the magazine and I have really enjoyed reading the Halloween Special Edition published this week. Congratulations to new Year 11 contributors;  Kaiden Gill, Zoe Burne, Elise Kept and Sophie Mowbray and the Year 13 students who have helped them in this Writing Mentor Program; Isobel Frost, Katie Smith, Beatrice Sousa, Grace Robinson and Anna Temple. 

Finally, please do not forget to book your tickets for the much-anticipated production of Sister Act. Performances are on Thursday 14th November 7pm, Friday 15th November 7pm and Saturday 16th November 3pm.

Tickets are on sale at: 

Ms Roz Hodges