We would like to direct people to the VE Day dedicated portal set up by the Imperial War Museum which will go live on Friday morning and be accessible for the rest of the weekend. This resource will contain personal testimony from military personnel as well as members of the British public who experienced VE Day, and the Second World War more generally, first hand. We believe this IWM project is an amazing chance for us all to grow our understanding and appreciation of the stories of those who lived through the conflicting emotions of jubilation, hope and regret. The link for the IWM ‘Voices of War’ project has been attached below.

IWM - Voices of War

This year, Imperial War Museums (IWM) will commemorate 75 years since the end of the Second World War in Europe, sharing the personal stories of people who stood together during a time of national crisis and their reflections once the fighting had stopped.

A focal point of their activity will be Voices of War. At a time when people across the nation are coming together to support each other through an unprecedented crisis, IWM is asking households to take a moment on Bank Holiday Friday 8 May, the 75th anniversary of VE Day, to play a four-minute soundscape featuring first-hand accounts of VE Day selected from IWM’s vast sound archive.

The soundscape will be available from Friday 8 May on the IVM website at the following link.



We are sharing a VE Day lesson with all History students. This lesson has been put together by Mr Crisford and asks students to find out more about the circumstances around the German surrender at this point in 1945, the celebratory actions of the British public as well as the human cost of the Second World War and the use of nuclear weapons at Hiroshima / Nagasaki to conclude the Pacific conflict between the U.S and Japan.