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Stratton Upper School

ACT 2017 - Greek Myths - some fantastic photos of our talented actors! Thank you Bedford Modern School ... See MoreSee Less

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Stratton Upper School

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The Yr9 MK trip has been rescheduled for Monday 18th December. All details other than the date are unchanged. ... See MoreSee Less


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Clare Waller

Tina Sturgeon

Mia Wright

Charlotte Masdin Charlotte Leggett Grace Benton Lauren Whitby

Stratton Upper School will OPEN AS NORMAL on Tuesday 12th December.

Please take extra care on your journey in to school and around the site.

We will ensure the school pathways have been gritted, but anticipate a heavy frost tonight.

Rob Watson
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Have you checked Eagle Farm Road? I've walked down there just now & there is a huge puddle right near the entrance ..... I can envisage quite a few accidents in the morning (after the predicted frost tonight)

Thanks for letting us know !

Does that mean all the school buses are running too?

Cara Biggs

What happens if school buses do not daughter has a mock exam but I would be unable to get her there?

Isabel Hernando Chacon


This bus transport is a pain they need to tell us tonight so we can prepare not 8a.m in morning

When is the yr 9 trip?

What if the roads are icy, how can we get to school?

My daughter also has mock exams. I’ve had no notification if the bus is or isnt running. I have to be at work for 7.30. Which doesn’t help if we can only phone at 8 and her buss is supposed to arrive just after that.

The roads are sheet ice, it’s dangerous to drive

What’s happening with year 11 mocks that we missed ?

When’s the Mk trip for yr 9 happening

This has not been gritted?!? Might not be ‘school pathways’ but students are having to walk in the heavily used road in order to remain upright! 🤬

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