LEVEL: A Level – Linear


Media Studies is a fast-growing subject, increasing in popularity at both A Level and degree level. The AS and A Level Media Studies courses give you a broad experience of many different aspects of the media, plus the opportunity to carry out your own research and produce your own print and video products. It equips you with the skills and knowledge to engage critically with the wide range of media you encounter in everyday life.
This course will touch on most of the main media at some point: film, television, advertising and a range of new media, such as websites and video games.
You will carry out studies of specific types of texts. A range of concepts and issues will also be covered: how the media represents particular social groups, who owns the media and how this affects the type of media produced. You will learn to use digital video cameras and digital editing equipment to produce your own video work.


  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of media concepts, contexts (and critical debates)
  • Apply knowledge and understanding when analysing media products and processes (and evaluating their own practical work) to show how meanings and responses are created
  • Demonstrate the ability to plan and construct media products using appropriate technical and creative skills


Media Studies combines practical with theory. Emphasis is placed on how media products in the digital age are increasingly reliant on using the different platforms of broadcast, print and e-Media to engage audiences. AS encourages students to develop their understanding of media texts and the wider context in which they are produced and consumed.
A2 challenges students to develop independent research skills. Topics taught in class include politics, identities, capitalism and Marxism. Students must build on this ground-work; developing individualised case studies for use in the exam. The coursework is a combined written and practical project, chosen by the students.


Unit 1 – MEST 1
Investigating Media
50% of As, 25% of A Level
2 hour written examination
80 marks
Two sections: A – four compulsory answer questions, B – choice of one from two essay answers (Case study of Harry Potter).

Unit 2 – MEST 2
Creating Media
50% of AS, 25% of A Level
Practical unit
80 marks
Externally set production briefs.

Unit 3 – MEST 3
Media: Critical Perspectives
25% of A Level
2 hour written examination
Two sections: A – three compulsory questions on unseen stimulus pieces, B – one essay on a chosen identity case study created by the student.

Unit 4 – MEST 4
Media: Research and Production
25% od A Level
Practical unit
80 marks
Two Sections: Critical Investigation(48 marks and 2000 words), Linked production piece (32 marks)

• 5 MacBooks complete with industry-standard software
• 5 iMacs in individual editing suites
• 2 Big Daddy Cameras
• SLR Camera
• 4 compact Cameras
• 12 HandyCams
• GoPro
• 8 individual PCs for independent research

Studying Media can lead to further education in Journalism, Film/Media Studies, Advertising.
It is relevant to students considering careers as a Public Relations Officer, Runner and Producer. Planner, Multimedia Specialist or Researcher.