The School

We are ambitious for our students. All our colleagues contribute to the development of the young people we serve regardless of their role:

One Team, One Mission 

Our one team – every student, every family, every colleague  

Our one mission – to create self-assured, successful citizens of tomorrow.

We will achieve this through:

AchievementProviding outstanding education to all, ensuring our work is purposeful and planned, allowing our students to make rapid progress whatever their starting points
ChallengeGiving our students confidence to embrace challenge, to be resilient and to own their future
PartnershipModelling an environment of strong relationships, based on mutual respect, trust and understanding of our shared commitment to continuous learning and development
AspirationOpening up an exciting world of possibilities to our students through endeavour and participating in enrichment activities
TrustKnowing that everyone wants to achieve the best for themselves and each other