Achievement for All

Stratton Upper School is currently working in partnership with Achievement for All. This is an independent charity that provides a whole school improvement framework focused on raising attainment and encouraging wider outcomes for students. The framework also encourages close home school partnerships and improved teaching and learning.

Achievement for All (AfA) is an independent charity created to transform the lives of students who would benefit from additional support, including those with special educational needs and disabilties by raising their educational aspirations, access and achievement. AfA is based on the principle that students have the right to educational opportunities they will enjoy and that will make them determined to achieve.

As part of the involvement with the project there will be termly meetings for parents/carers where all aspects of education and progress are discussed with a teacher. Additional support and interventions may be offered and targets will be set and monitored.

As well as this, class teachers carefully monitor the progress of the AfA pupils – focusing especially on:

  • Tracking and assessing their termly progress
  • Identifying gaps in their learning
  • Setting aspirational targets for them
  • Supporting the planning, implementation and evaluation of appropriate strategies and interventions