Head of Department: Mr J Warburton


The core ethos of the History department at Stratton is to develop and engage students in the study of the past and to build a passion for the subject that will last a lifetime. The department runs active learning projects to engage students in this most fascinating of subjects, whether it is through archaeological digs, recreating full size World War One trenches or running trips to the World War One battlefields and Berlin. The department always seeks to support students fully in their study of history and seeks to develop their knowledge and skills.

Year 9:

All students in Year 9 take history. In Year 9 students study a range of historical topics such as changes during the Industrial Revolution, The British Empire, Jack the Ripper, Votes for Women, The First World War, The Rise of the Nazi Party and the Second World War.

Years 10 & 11:

At GCSE students study a range of topics and time period aimed at developing their understanding of how change can occur over time as well as seeing what impact these changes have had on the world today. In Year 10 students look at the American West and changes during in Medicine and Surgery. At Year 11 students undertake courses on Henry III and his ministers and Weimar and Nazi Germany.

Sixth Form:

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