Head of Department: Mr C Gilpin

The Mathematics Department is fully committed to giving assistance and encouragement so that students achieve, and hopefully exceed, their expected level of performance in the subject. We aim to deliver the curriculum content in a manner which will maximise exam success and prepare them with the mathematical skills for life after school. In order to benefit from their Mathematics lessons, students are expected to bring full maths equipment, including a scientific calculator, to all lessons.


Year 9:

Students in Y9 are preparing for their GCSE course which begins in Y10. Year 9 is designed to consolidate learning undertaken in our feeder schools and ensure students have solid foundations to commence their GCSE studies. The content of the curriculum closely follows the National Curriculum recommendations. Content is varied depending on ability.

Years 10 & 11:

All students will complete a course of study in mathematics leading to an examination at the end of Year 11 consisting of three papers – two calculator and one non-calculator. There is no coursework component for this subject. Students will study mathematics in a class of students of similar ability.

A qualification in mathematics enhances opportunities in all areas of life. The Mathematics Department aims to ensure that everyone achieves. We look for a good academic performance but also aim to equip learners with the numeracy skills that will benefit them in their day to day life.

Sixth Form:

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