Head of Department: Mr P Riley

Years 10 & 11 (KS4)

Science – CORE

The GCSE Combined Science course offers some flexibility for all students. Students continue with their current study of AQA GCSE Combined Science throughout Years 10 and 11. The course allows all students to access and engage with science across the three disciplines. Students will complete a course of study that consists of final examinations in Year 11 that combine to give two GCSEs.

Triple Science – OPTION

(GCSE Biology, GCSE Chemistry and GCSE Physics)

The Triple Science course is an academic course that is really aimed at students who are considering completing A Levels in the sciences.

All of the Science Team are both excited and enthusiastic about their subjects and through this course we hope to pass on our passion for science to you. To support you in your learning there are many resources available to you on the internet and, outside of lessons, we have an exciting range of activities including seminars from professional scientists and trips out to complement your classroom based learning. At the end of the Triple Science course you should receive three separate GCSEs, one each in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Each of the GCSEs is composed of a number of units of which each has its own exam paper and contributes towards your final GCSE results.

This course is most likely to suit those students whose Key Stage 4 target grade for Science is a Grade 6 or above.

Level and Exam Board:


Course Outline:

    These courses cover a broad range of topics in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. All students begin to study Combined Science at the start of Year 9. The majority of students will continue with this programme of study into Years 10 and 11. However, more able students may wish to consider moving on to a separate sciences pathway at the start of Year 10 to gain separate GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Assessment Summary:

  • For Combined Science:
    Six exams, two each in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
    Each exam is 1h 15m and contributes 16.7% to the final grade.
  • For Separate Sciences:
    Six exams, two each in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
    Each exam is 1h 45m and contributes 50% to the final grade of the respective qualification.


Students must have a scientific calculator and basic writing equipment, including a pencil and ruler. We offer revision guides for sale through ParentPay.