Work Experience

What is Work Experience?

All Year 10 students have the opportunity to be out of school for two weeks of Work Experience. During this time they will work as an ‘employee’ in a job area that they have chosen. As a school, Stratton view work experience as a vital part of a students’ education. The process will help to develop key work related skills that will be essential to all students when the time comes to apply for post sixteen courses, apprenticeships, university, casual work and of course, jobs in industry.

The Benefits of Work Experience

There are many benefits to a student who successfully completes a work experience placement. For example students can gain:

  • a valuable insight into the demands of adult life and the discipline needed to lead a successful life
  • the opportunity to develop key skills such as communication, punctuality and professional conduct
  • the opportunity to develop greater maturity and self confidence
  • the opportunity to gain an insight into how business and industry works
  • the opportunity to reflect on their skills, qualities, strengths and weaknesses.

How do I secure a work experience placement?

There are two methods for securing a work experience placement: through the DevelopEBP database or by finding your own placement. The school employ DevelopEBP to provide work experience opportunities for our students and it is through their database that students can choose ten possible placements. Students are provided with a pin number to log into the data base to make their choices. It is important that students take various factors into account during the process. These factors include:

  • the location of the placement and how students will travel to and from the work placement.
  • the type of work and environment they would find engaging.

Useful Links and Documents

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Things to Consider

Student Initiated Form (Blue Form)