Dear Parents/ Carers


Following our partial lockdown this morning I wanted to write to you to explain that the police have assured us that the school followed correct procedure today. Although the risk was assessed as low, they felt it appropriate for us to go into partial lockdown while they conducted an investigation.

A school goes into partial lockdown when there is no immediate threat of harm but where there is the potential for an event to escalate. The school secured its buildings and students remained in their classrooms with staff, while lessons continued. At no point today was there anyone on the school premises who should not have been here nor anyone with an intent to harm others.

The police have been involved throughout and at 10.40am were able to reassure us that there was no risk to anyone in the school community and we resumed a normal school day from 10.45am.

We are aware that there is a lot of information circulating on social media and, as we all know, there is a tendency for rumours to spiral, resulting in heightened emotions. I would like to reassure you that the police are following up as appropriate and have informed us that there is no further cause for concern.

I would be grateful if you could all talk to your children about today’s events to help reassure them and put things into perspective. Please do let us know if you feel your son or daughter has been particularly affected today so that we can make sure support is available to them in school tomorrow, as necessary.

The lockdown procedures are in place to ensure the safety and security of the whole community and we are grateful to those parents who observed our request to keep the school telephone lines clear this morning.


Yours sincerely





Ms Roz Hodges Interim Headteacher