RouteBus StopsPick-upDrop-offOperatorCouncil Contact
M01Chiltern TravelCentral Beds Council
Lower CaldecoteA1 Northbound (The Grange)8.0216.0101767 6413580300 300 8167
Thorncote GreenThe Green8.1015.57
Twin Trees Equestrian Centre/Kennels8.1215.55
IckwellThe Green8.1715.50
M02Herberts TravelCentral Beds Council
Upper CaldecoteTingeys Corner8.1315.5001234 3420570300 300 8167
The Pastures8.1515.52
The Green8.1815.56
Hill Lane/Gypsy Lane Junction8.2015.58
M04Chiltern TravelCentral Beds Council
Everton22 Potton Road8.0016.2001767 6413580300 300 8167
Cockayne HatleyCnr of Village and Hatley Rd8.0916.10
WrestlingworthHigh Street Chapel Close8.1115.56
Crossroads Bus Stop8.1515.55
DuntonMarch Hare/Post Office8.2015.51
Village Hall8.2115.50
RouteBus StopsPick-upDrop-offOperatorCouncil Contact
M12Chiltern TravelCentral Beds Council
PottonSandy Lane Opposite No:258.1316.0701767 6413580300 3008167
Rising Sun8.1916.01
Market Square8.2415.56
Sutton Crossroads8.2815.52
M03J & D TravelCentral Beds Council
LangfordChurch Street8.0515.3701462 6294690300 3008167
Station Road8.0815.50
High Street8.2016.02
Stratton Park8.2415.54
SU01 & SU02Cozy TravelCambs County Council
Hatley St GeorgeLay-by7.4015.5701462 4817070345 0455208
Newlands Cottages7.41 15.56
GamlingayVillage College7.50 15.47
Honey Hill7.48 15.45
Crossroads7.53 15.41
Green End7.55 15.39
Beechside Bus Stop7.5715.37
Cinques Road/ East Lane8.00 15.35
Heath Post Box/ Iron Church8.06 15.30

LAST UPDATED: 04/09/2018